Photographing things is one of my hobbies. I haven’t had years of experience shooting with professionals or in studios with fancy equipment but studying a design course has given me the opportunity to do just that and also helped me learn new skills for shooting.

Using cameras I had never seen before and all the equipment available in the studio was very intimidating but you pick up on it after a few sessions of shooting. It’s most important to learn are the basics and to work from there.

I used to just photograph things that I thought were pretty, but studying photography has shown me that there’s more to an image than just simple aesthetics. Every image has meaning and a concept being conveyed. With every assignment I’ve been assigned, I’ve learned more about how to deliver my own message or convey a certain story in photos.

The photos below are a comparison of portraits I shot in my first year of uni vs a year later and it’s safe to say the quality of my images has improved a lot.


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