In my projects section, you can view my assignment I made on type design in my first year of uni. It’s called Stepping Stones – A Journey in Type. Here I quickly go explain the creative process.

For me, getting the assignment brief did scare me a little because there were so many options as to what I could physically create my own typeface out of. In the end I decided to go with pebbles which I collected from my front yard.

After choosing a medium, I experimented with different fonts I could base my typeface off and then went from there. Each letter was made by me on top of a piece of black foam board which I then photographed.

6 (1 of 1)Stepping Stones Final Book4

Every letter then had to be photo-shopped to edit the lighting and contrast of the photos for my book and to then completely get rid of the background so that I could place them together across a spread to make the whole alphabet.

As lengthy as the process was, I really enjoyed working on the project because it was kind of like a little crafty DIY project rather than just an assignment. It also taught me how to successfully design my own book using inDesign which really came in handy when I created a portfolio and style guide design for myself as a designer.


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