This week I had the pleasure of working with some of my incredible gal pals on a shoot for a university assignment. My theme was ‘Beauty in the Eyes of Society’ and I wanted to showcase some of the different types of beauty – contrasting the societal idea of beauty we see everyday on different platforms in the media.

The media and society have a very critical view of beauty that young women are expected and ‘encouraged’ to meet.  I wanted to show that to be beautiful does not mean to be perfect and more importantly, that beauty does not equal society’s idea of perfection.

My shoot is definitely not one that encapsulates ‘every kind of beautiful’ because I could only do a shoot with a few friends but it still captures the concept – showing that there’s all different kinds of unique beauty, not just the one that is normally shown on the cover of a magazine.

This is one of the most fun shoots I have worked on so far and I’ll be uploading the project soon after filtering through all the photos and putting them together for print. I may not release the whole print file but I will definitely be posting up some of the photos I took that were chosen for the final cut.

Stay tuned,


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