I’m back with an exciting new project I’ve been working on recently to do with painting. I’ve been having a lot of fun the past few days after discovering ‘acrylic pouring’ and ‘fluid art’ and thought I would give it a try. I haven’t properly painted since primary school and my early years of high school but I decided to get back into it and try something new.

Acrylic pouring is a painting technique used to create these amazing marble, water and cell type patterns in paintings. To put it simply, it consists of watering down paints (with water and other pouring mediums), mixing the paintsย  and pouring them on the canvas, i.e. acrylic ‘pouring’. It’s super easy and once you get the gist of how to do it, you can create some really beautiful pieces. After seeing a lot of fluid art paintings on Instagram I gave it a few tries and was pretty surprised with some of the results.

The beautiful thing I’ve learnt about acrylic pouring through this process is that no two paintings are ever exactly the same – you can create similar ones but each one will always be unique. That’s something I love about this technique and it means that any piece you purchase will be completely original and unique to you and your home.

Later this year I will release a special/limited edition painting range that will be available in my shop so all of you can purchase the ones you like (there will only be one set of each painting). When the ones I’ve created already are completed and varnished they will also be up for purchase in my shop.

I’ll save most of the details for my post on the method of these paintings but I’ve experimented so far with three brands of paint – one cheap one and two more ‘high end’ type of art brands and they all seemed to work pretty nicely together. After watching a lot of videos and doing some research I learnt that a lot of people add Floetrol, alcohol and silicone to their painting mixes and even use a blow torch technique to create more ‘cells’ on the paintings but I used none of these items and I was still able to make some nice patterns.

These images are of the practice ones I first tried to create – I was happy with the paint but just need to varnish/use a top coat to get that glossy look back and to liven up the colours more. Here you may be able to tell how they have dried to a matte finish and have a little more texture than they would when the paint is wet. The sizes of these canvases are roughly 20 x 20cm

My paint experiments and testing are still going at the moment because I’m trying to discover the perfect paint recipe and materials to use to achieve the perfect pour artwork. Some canvases I have experimented with didn’t absorb the paint well or didn’t sit well in terms of the drying texture (this was the case with some others I tried not the ones in the photos above). I’m still playing with different pouring mediums, base materials and top coats as well. When I have finally narrowed down the perfect materials and method I’ll create a post explaining the process so that maybe you can try it too – let me know if you would like a video tutorial on it! And don’t forget to DM or email me if you would like to put in a request/order for any custom paintings.



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