Photo shoots, especially ones carried out in the studio means working under a time constraint. These are my tips for getting the most out of your shooting time and making sure you’re prepared on the day.

  • Form a concept before hand
  • Create a mood board of your concept – this should include colours, lighting set up or example of lighting you’d like, poses for models (if needed, this helps give models direction), types of photos you’d like to achieve (e.g. portraits, flatlays, close ups, etc.) – Pinterest is great for doing this and it will help guide you during the shoot
  • Choose your cameras and lenses carefully to help you get the best outcome
  • Advise models on what to wear – if you have a theme or specific look you’re going for, the outfits/hair/makeup on models can make an incredible difference to your concept delivery
  • Have a back up plan – it’s not uncommon to run out of time when shooting or maybe your location doesn’t end up working out – point is, you may need another session or more time for your shoot or even editing afterwards for the final product so always shoot earlier than you think you need to so you’ve got the extra gap of time
  • Prepare props – if working with models or products for a product shoot, gather other ‘accessory’ items to help add to the concept and delivery of the message in the photo – make sure to clean them all beforehand!
  • Organise hair and makeup – when working with models, organise for someone to do their hair and makeup or if they are doing it themselves make sure they bring products for touch ups during the shoot

Let me know any of your tips for when you want to prepare for a shoot!

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