My latest major assessment for graphic design was a project in branding and packaging design. My idea was to create instant coffee sachets that were travel friendly in size, quality in taste and environmentally friendly in materials, and hence I came up with Cuppa.

The entire process consisted of brainstorming of brand names, slogans and creating various logo designs. The branding also consisted of a brand narrative, mission statement, typography and colour palette which was all used to form a branding style guide. The images here are screenshots from the branding guide I created for the assessment.

The packaging itself also had to be designed and printed so that I could physically make it by hand myself – I designed mine on Adobe Illustrator as a flat lay and printed it out and folded it into a sachet. To seal it I used double sided tape and used a hole puncher to form a hole in the top of the sachet. I inserted a small gold paper fastener which also acted as a tool to hold my bow made of twine and a little label holding the instructions for making a cup of coffee. A lot of useful videos on YouTube and pictorials on Pinterest can help you learn how to create some awesome stuff!

It was a long process that went on for weeks with trial and error for design but the final product turned out really great – and the best part was that none of the ground coffee leaked out of the packaging so it was a big win for me!

The tips I would give – create a check list to ensure you don’t miss anything and make sure you give yourself time for trial and error and for production. Branding development takes time and you need to allow yourself more time to experiment with the printing and formation of your packaging. Making mine took a full day’s worth of work to finish the box with 7 sachets (6 for the container and one for outside display)

If you’d like to see more images of the packaging outcome check it out in my portfolio tab!

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