For multiple assignments I’ve recreated magazine layouts for photography and it is one of my favourite things to do! In particular, I have recreated many Vogue magazines and even recreated one for Harper’s Bazaar for an assessment.

Using my own images from my photoshoots for uni, we were required to create magazine layouts to show how our images could be used to advertise our chosen themes, brands and concepts.

This is my collection so far of magazine/pamphlet styled covers I have created myself. The process after photographing consisted of editing the images in Adobe Lightroom to adjust the colour, tone and lighting and then I placed the images into Adobe InDesign to start creating the layouts. I bought myself some Vogue magazines and looked at spreads online to help inspire the look I went for and the design of the graphics. It’s great to see how minimal graphics and text can really enhance the power of your images and give the audience some more context

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