I recently fell in love with wooden artworks, seeing the different coloured stains and the way artists have used their own creative touch to add something special to them. There are so many ways to make art on wood whether it’s hand-lettering, drawing art or even laser cutting and engraving.

I personally loved the idea of hand-lettering and drawing on wooden panels so I decided to create my own range of them. I’ll be releasing a range of art on wood which will be similar to my style of my art prints which are pattern and ink based. My current range is going to explore calligraphy and hand-lettering which can be customised for anyone so that you can use them for both home decor, gifts and as event stationery and signage.

The first piece I’ve created falls into my event stationery and signage category – a welcome sign! I loved the idea of these and wanted to create one for my future wedding and thought why not make it at home and try it out before buying one. Using a combination of wooden panel, wood stain and a paint pen, I was more than satisfied with the outcome.

I also added some fake florals in an arrangement I made and placed it on my wooden tabletop easel for a nice and easy display for when it will be used for an event. This piece is currently available for hire here on my website or you can contact me via Instagram or email to get a hold of it as well. I’ll be taking custom orders for all of these wooden goodies so please reach out if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.

These are great for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays, parties and more!

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