My interest in videography has recently peaked in the past 6 months and after creating my first video (a Malaysia travel montage which you can view here –, I had a client ask me to create a product video for his new product reveal.

Based off the little experience I have creating videos now, these are the top tips I have for all you guys that are beginners and want to give it a try yourselves:

  • Create a mood board and story board of what you picture your video/film to look like
  • Watch other videographers videos to gather some inspiration for your own
  • List down the different types of shots you want to take for your film and take individual smaller shots so it’s easier in post production to edit the clips together
  • It’s better to shoot with more frames per second so that when you slow it down in post production, the frames are a little clearer in slow motion
  • Carry a spare battery pack with you because shooting video can drain your camera battery quickly and you want as much shooting time possible!
  • If you are shooting with sound, it would be a good idea to get an external microphone that can plug in to your camera so that you have better sound quality
  • If you’re planning on doing a voice over or putting a song over the audio of the video – you don’t need to worry about capturing any sound at all
  • A great hack for getting those steady panning shots is to place your camera on a towel and drag it across a table slowly while shooting
  • If you can’t work in a studio, get some lights and create your own white backdrop with a sheet and some white foam core boards for the clean look

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