With this pandemic, people all over the world are suffering and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain positive about the situation. There is an uncertainty of when this will be over and when things will go back to normal. Businesses are crashing, people cannot get the care that they need and most people have been forced into quarantine to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus.

To help get through this difficult time, we need to take a different outlook on things. In a situation like this where most of us are quarantined in our homes, our mindset is going to be our greatest influence. I understand for those struggling financially or those who are in an unsafe space at home, it can be virtually impossible to remain positive; but for those who are still able to stay afloat by working from home, those who are healthy and those who are safe, we need to remember to be positive and appreciative.

Yes we are stuck at home, but we are safe at home.

Yes some of us are forced to now work from home, but we get to keep our jobs and financial security.

Yes we need to socially distance, but we get to spend quality time with our families at home and have time to do other things we have been putting off.

If you’re stuck at home and feeling down because you can’t leave the house, think about all the positive aspects of being at home. If you still are able to work from home then you’re still earning money to provide for yourself and family, you now have an abundance of time to use to either improve or learn new skills and spend time with your loved ones, you’re healthy and you’re safe. Not everyone has a safe space at home and the opportunity to use their time efficiently as most of us can in our quarantine.

Everyday is another day you can do something new, something fun or something productive. There are so many options of things to do, you just need to be motivated to try them. These are some of the things I’ve been doing to keep myself occupied whilst in quarantine:

  • Working out every second or third day to feel healthier and stronger – something I never really had time for before
  • Reorganising my room to get rid of old stuff I don’t need anymore
  • Baking to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings
  • Cooking and watching movies with my sisters who I didn’t typically get to spend a lot of time with whilst we were all working before
  • Researching new ways to improve my business (now is the time to invest in fixing up your business and upgrading things! It doesn’t need to be financial investments but simply your own time into fixing up small things you never had time for)
  • Catching up with friends over face time
  • Creating new content for my Instagram and website platforms by working with what I have at home
  • Making lists of goals I want to achieve for myself and my business in the upcoming months and even years
  • Watching new tv shows and movies on Netflix
  • Upgrading my website (you might have noticed this recently!)
  • Creating new artworks and illustrations to add to my shop collection
  • Reading novels that have been sitting on my shelf for what seems like years at this point
  • Finally writing more blog posts! (like this one) Writing has been something I put off because I never had much time to put into it

If you have any suggestions or want to share what you’ve been doing during quarantine, comment it below! Just also know that if you aren’t as productive because of your mental or physical health, that’s okay too. Use this time at home to unwind, figure out how to become stronger and healthier and get the rest you need. You can’t be productive if you’re burnt out and taking care of yourself is a form of productivity in itself (future you will thank you for it). 

I hope you and your families are all safe and healthy. These are difficult times, but we’ll make it through.

#stayhome guys

Catch you in the next post x



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