Being at home constantly can get a little boring and you crave a little bit of social interaction and a little bit of fun. To combat that and use my time productively, I’ve pushed myself to create more graphic design pieces from my platform that my audience will enjoy, and hence the template series was born.

The templates I have created are for Instagram stories where the user screenshots the template off my story/highlights and reposts it on their own story filling out the template with their own answers. These quizzes are in 1 of 3 categories – a bingo series (the user crosses off all the options that apply to them just like numbers in bingo), the ‘this or that’ series (the user chooses between two options for an entirely themed list) and last but not least, the questionnaire series (where users fill out their own answers to the questions asked either using words, tagging people or using gifs).

When my followers repost my templates with their answers I also ask them to tag their friends to participate to make it a fun group activity and to tag me so that I can share their answers on my own story. It’s a nice way to interact with your audience as well as get to know your followers more. The more you know about your audience, the more you can produce content that you think appeals to them as well. The template designs are a service I offer to businesses as well, you can see two examples of collaborative designs I’ve created with two Instagram pages below (@a.wandering.reader & @hennabysaniya_)

I personally enjoy seeing my followers using my templates because I know that I’ve brought a little bit of brightness to their day in quarantine, even if only for a few moments while they fill it out. All of the current ones I’ve designed are below, all created on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Custom ones are available, all you have to do is send a message through with what you’d like on it!


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