At a time like this a lot of small businesses have been forced to temporarily shut and many employees have lost their jobs and source of income. As a freelance creator I’ve had wedding photography gigs cancelled due to government protocols and a huge decline in my queue of design jobs as most businesses can’t afford to invest in marketing material at the moment.

It is a time of difficulty for a lot of business owners and so it’s during this difficult time that we should try our best to support each other. These people have families to support and goals they were trying to work towards. Everyone had big plans for 2020 and it’s an understatement to say those plans have been thrown off the tracks. Supporting small businesses will not only help them pay for their own necessities and expenses but also place a little more hope in their heart that things will get better.

Here are some of the things you could do to support your local businesses and creators:

  • Hungry? If you order take out food, consider ordering instead from a local family owned restaurant instead of a larger franchise
  • Need groceries? When you go to the store to buy your fruit and veggies, shop at the small family owned fruit shop for your fresh produce and buy your other necessities not available there from the bigger grocery stores
  • Celebrating an occassion during quarantine? Reach out to a local caterer to provide you with the sweet or salty goods you’re looking for. There are so many professional bakers and caterers running small businesses on Facebook and Instagram who produce wonderful cakes and platters
  • Can’t be with a loved one due to quarantine? If you can afford to and know someone who needs something to put a smile on their face or are celebrating a milestone without you due to quarantine, contact your local florist to deliver some flowers to their home. It will help that florist keep their business running and is a sweet gesture to the person receiving it.
  • Want to buy someone a gift? Buy an artwork from a local artist/creative for your loved one, it’ll brighten their day and their home too (you could also purchase a gift card for services that could be redeemed later)
  • Can’t afford to spend much at the moment? A free way you can help small businesses is by helping advertise for them, it can be something as simple as shouting out your favourite Instagram business on your story. Creatives like myself have created Instagram story templates to assist with this and make it fun. You can find one I designed here with my collection of templates I produced to make quarantine a little more entertaining online. This gives some businesses more exposure to potential clients
  • Are you a small business owner? Reach out to your friends who own businesses to see how they’re doing. Mutually support each other online by advertising for one another and work on collaborative projects to keep the content flowing for each other’s platforms if possible

If you can think of other ways to support small and local businesses, comment them down below so I can add them to the list

Stay safe and stay positive x


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