We’re back with another blog post – today’s focus is on the importance of your Instagram shop. We’re discussing how it can boost the integrity and trustworthiness of your products and store for your consumer base and how that can be converted into growth and increased sales.

A lot of small businesses are built through Instagram and Facebook where small business owners or freelancers will sell their products on their page. These platforms are a great way to advertise your products for free and provide a direct platform for you to communicate with your audience and customers but there may be some factors that are holding customers back from clicking your ‘add to cart’ button.

These small road blocks are the few factors that may prevent your audience from purchasing your products and it all has to do with figuring out if they can trust your brand. Social media is a tricky business and the modern day consumer is very cautious of trying to avoid wasting money on cheap products and online scams. You want your audience to have a level of trust in your business that you are legitimate, professional and will provide great quality products. These are the main factors that influence this relationship and how you come across to your audience:

  • Branding!

Customers want to buy from someone that they can see is a legitimate brand, a company that exudes professionalism, consistency and knows who they are and what they’re selling. Your branding represents who you are as a company and your social media platforms need to reflect your branding. Personally as a consumer I am wary of buying from brands that look inconsistent because they seem less put together, dysfunctional and are more likely to be an online scammer.

  • Image quality and posting

This is one of the most important factors – the way you market your products has a huge influence on the sales you will make! Your images need to be clear, edited well and be crisp enough to show the great details of the products you’re selling. Your images will be what makes a GOOD product look like an AMAZING product online. Consistency here is also key, all your images should be of the same quality and style to be coherent with your branding and show consistency in your quality. Customers are more likely to buy from a company showing consistent high quality content because they trust that more than a messy profile with fluctuating quality images – this can lead them to think you lack quality products or are untrustworthy. A good online flow of images shows that you keep up to date and invest your time and money into marketing your products well which shows how professional you are. (Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean you can’t take good photos on your phone or anything if you can’t afford photography equipment or to outsource a photographer! You just need to be creative enough with the materials you have to get the best possible outcome)

  • Communication with your audience

Whether it’s the way you write your captions and what you say in them, or how you respond to personal inquiries, communication always needs to be professional and kept at a good pace. Proper punctuation, grammar and spelling is super important in ensuring you keep up a consistent professional persona for your business and consumers want fast responses. Businesses that take weeks to respond and have errors in their captions and copyrighting will not be taken seriously by customers and will be seen as unprofessional. Customer service is so important for stores especially online ones where the customer cannot come in physically to browse what’s available so they want to be able to feel like they can trust/rely on the brand they are purchasing from

  • A proper Instagram store or website

We would say an Instagram store and website is at the top of the list for this post. When buying online, customers are going to trust buying off a site rather than buying a product off someone through a DM on Faceboook or Instagram and paying through a bank transfer. Consumers want to see the product and where their money is going to so having an Instagram store and website is the best way to give that to them. Having this for your business gives you that extra level of trust as customers can view your brand online and browse your site as well. It shows that your company is put together, that you’re legitimate and professional. It can also provide the customer with safer ways for them to pay such as PayPal which increases the trustworthiness of your brand. Having the shop feature on your Instagram also allows the viewer to see your products clearly and provides them with a small gallery of the related images which is another great way to showcase your products instead of just a basic feed of images.

For NG Creative Studio I’ve created a website and now recently an Instagram shop feature which had inspired me to write this post. I’ve attached images for you all to see here what an Instagram store feature can add to your page.

Hopefully this little post inspired you and can help elevate your already successful businesses in improving your online persona and building better brand trust within your consumer base. The marketing of your brand and how it is set up online makes a huge difference to the reputation you have online and how well your business will grow over time. If you have any other tips for improving online stores, comment them below we would love to hear about them!


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