Welcome to NG Creative Studio, a creative space built to bring artistic visions to life.

The foundation of our business is built on creative expression, honour, passion and a love for the utmost divine details. Here at NG Creative Studio we are devoted to documenting your moments with raw and authentic imagery, capturing the finer details of your craft and designing in a way that eloquently expresses your branding and personality. Our desire as an artistic entity is to produce high end quality outcomes and exceed the results you have envisioned. We take pride in developing meaningful relationships with each of our clients because we value every creative endeavour, no matter its scale.

Meet the Creative Director, Nabeela Ghaznavi who established NG Creative Studio in 2017 as a young and aspiring artist from Sydney looking to begin her career in the creative industry. Seeking to learn more and further her passion for the creative arts, she completed a Bachelor of Design which lead to the expansion of her online art-making platform into something of a much larger scale. NG Creative Studio is now an eloquent creative space run by Nabeela, providing an authentic and all-round expressive service surrounding photography and graphic design. Specialising in wedding and event photography, as well as branding and commercial imagery, Nabeela has developed NG Creative Studio to be a one stop studio for both those looking to capture their moments and visualise their dreams.


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